Sabrina & Hannah “It’s nice that Hannah does the things with Nora and Emilia that I can’t find the time for.”


Hannah occasionally babysits Sabrina's two girls. Most of the times, she needs to start drawing horses and unicorns right away.

Sabrina (parent):

The nice thing about Hannah is that she’s so calm. She gets along with both girls, she’s very easy going. It’s not that they are very excited when they know Hannah’s coming, but if she’s here then they’re fine with it. It’s nice to have a babysitter that comes over more often. Hannah knows where everything is and hardly needs to ask anything anymore. She always checks the bedtimes with us and is confident enough to find her own way around the house, so when we’re gone, she doesn’t call us for small things. When she’s here, we know that we don’t have anything to worry about.

Sabrina (parent):

Nora and Emilia always ask Hannah if she can draw with them, because she can draw really well. They always ask for horses and unicorns. Hannah’s being put to work almost every time she comes over. I wish I could draw with the girls, but at this moment it’s so busy that I hardly have the time to sit and relax. That’s why it’s great that Hannah can do this with them. And at the same time, Hannah and the girls have something special they can share together.

Hannah (babysitter):

Most of the times, I babysit in the evening. Before bedtime, we play a little game or they want me to draw. We usually sit at the table and all three of us are drawing. Mostly, they want me to draw horses or unicorns; I like those as well so I don’t mind at all. And most of the times, when I give the drawings to them, I get theirs in return.

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