Chantal & Fabienne “When Fabienne came for an interview, she almost immediately started to play with Zoé, and Noah crawled all over her.”


Fabienne is the occasional babysitters of Noah and Zoé. Chantal knew she found a match when Fabienne started to play with the kids immediately. “Noah regretted that she had to leave after the interview, so he proposed that I would go instead.”

Chantal (parent):

Fabienne is very outgoing and I’m the same, so when we spoke we got along immediately. We have a nice click together, but it is more important that the kids like her as well. After all, they’re going to spend the most time with her. When she came to meet the kids, she was playing on the floor with Zoé within a few minutes. It took Noah a little while longer, but after a bit he wanted to play as well. Then I knew Fabienne was the right babysitter for us.

Chantal (parent):

When we were done with the interview, Noah asked me if I could go out tonight so Fabienne could stay. He didn’t want to let her go yet. I didn’t want to go out in the evening but I did go to do some shoppings, so we could immediately try. Fabienne made it look so easy and I didn’t worry for even one second.

Fabienne (babysitter):

The interview was very easy going. Zoé is a very cute baby who almost always smiles, and Noah likes to romp. At a certain point he took my hand and said: “Mom, can Fabienne babysit tonight?” Chantal went to do some groceries instead, and while she was gone the three of us played in the playroom. He didn’t like it that his mom returned so soon, so we were off to a great start!

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